Ginza Phone - The Smart Cloud Phone

Ginza Phone is Google Voice for businesses in the cloud. It provides small business & organizations with a business class phone service using existing phone lines

Ginza Phone - Key Features

Instantly create new toll free or local phone numbers, receive & place calls from anywhere in the world. Setup department & employee extensions

Google Integration

Ginza Phone integrates with your Google Calendar, Contacts, Docs & GMail for efficient collaboration across your organization

Ginza Phone Box

Free Trial

Receive $20 Free Minutes



$5.95 / month

No credit card required



  • Flexible phone system that easily scales as company / organization grows
  • Transform existing phone infrastructure into a powerful business class communication network


  • Place calls anywhere in the world. Integrates with your contact list for fast & easy dialing
  • Quick setup. Instantly create new phone lines for toll free or local numbers
  • Detailed call logs with time, caller id, geographic location, call duration, and contact look-up
  • Send and receive SMS / Text Messages